Eco Society

Mill Hill’s commitment to the environment is long-standing, and proactive, and we are enormously proud of our achievements in this area. The School has signed up to the national Eco School’s initiative and currently holds its Green Flag status, which was awarded in May 2011 and recently re-designated for a further two years until June 2015. Meetings of the ‘Eco Society’ take place regularly each half term with members actively engaging in a number of projects that raise awareness of, or have a positive impact on, the environment. Mill Hill pupils also get involved in these projects through the curriculum, inter-House competitions and activities as well as whole school initiatives.

Current initiatives include:

  • A commitment to develop best practice in the 9 key areas identified by Eco Schools, namely – Energy, Litter, Biodiversity, Water, School Grounds, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Waste, Transport
  • Involvement in national campaigns to raise awareness of environmental issues e.g. ‘Switch off Fortnight’ (link to video clip of the Switch off Fortnight film), “Waste Week” and ‘Walk to School Week’
  • The Mill Hill Garden, a vegetable, flower and herb garden at the back of the Medical Centre. Pupils involved in the Remove Leadership initiative, “Project Mill Hill”, meet on Friday afternoons to work in the garden as well as leading on key environmental projects designed to improve the Mill Hill environment and that of the local community.
  • The ‘Go Green’ unit in the Fifth Form PSHRE programme in which all Fifth Form pupils plan and carry out Eco projects that make an impact on the environment on the school site or within the local community
  • Promoting Green Travel through the Foundation’s Green Travel Plan, led by senior members of staff across the Foundation
  • The Eco Park project in “The Stoa” – an initiative that aims to develop an educational resource in one of the School’s core spaces to teach pupils of all ages about renewable energy sources
  • Sixth Form teaching project in which Lower Sixth pupils plan and deliver eco focused lessons to pupils in Grimsdell, our pre prep.

Mill Hill Wins Eco Schools Green Flag
Mill Hill has been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Status. This recognises the work the Eco Society has to done to encourage sustainability across the school as well as the many green projects that are currently underway.