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Millhillians Take Honours in CICERO Competition

Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes and Hugh Longley

Two Mill Hill Sixth Form pupils have excelled in this year’s CICERO competition, for students of Latin and Classical subjects worldwide. The contest, now in its 4th year, is an exciting and intellectually challenging competition which was held in March across six European countries – UK (England and Scotland), France, Spain, Italy and Andorra – as well as Tunisia and Australia. The format involves setting up a ‘virtual classroom’ linking centres in participating countries so that the students can see and hear each other. Their task was to translate a passage from Latin and research their common heritage through the topic “Carthage, from Dido to Hannibal”.

The overall winner in the UK competition was Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes, while Hugh Longley, who was last year’s runner-up, was Highly Commended in 4th position. Both boys finished ahead of very strong candidates from Bristol Grammar and George Watson’s College.