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Podcasts Launched on New Pupils’ Resource Web Page

GCSE Modern History made easy

The Treaty of Versaille

The School’s new “Information for Pupils” page – accessed via the home page button and the “Academic” dropdown – is home to the first of our series of Podcasts covering, in the first instance, the GCSE Modern History course. The idea for the Podcasts came about as result of a chat at the Remove parents’ evening in which a mother of one of our girls said to Deputy Head and History teacher Peter McDonough that it was a shame we couldn’t broadcast lessons as an aid to learning. Peter thought that this was a great idea and he set about recording the main topics using the School’s recording facilities, under the watchful eye of Director of Music Richard Allain. The first three podcasts cover the years 1919 to 1939. In the next two weeks further podcasts will be added dealing with Russia and British Social History before and during the Great War.

The new “Information for Pupils” page is designed to be a round-up of information that’s particularly relevant for current pupils, including examination timetables, quick links to news and careers information and of course the School VLE. Check back regularly!