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DT Challenge Day

Friday 6th March was the DT challenge day, “the best day of the week…” I heard from the seats behind me on our taxi journey to Davenies School.

Oscar, Luisa, Evelyne and Philip were taking part in the challenge with another 20 students from other schools.

The design brief was presented in the morning and students then had the whole day to complete their own design ideas and make a model of a mask.

They started with an induction for the sewing machines, embellishing machines, the heat press and in the computer room they had a great opportunity to research their design ideas.

Throughout the day the four Belmontians were very focused and helpful to other students as some of them had never used sewing machines before; team work and helping others was – second nature for the Belmontians and with their helping hand everyone managed to design, make and test their masks.

Congratulations for this creative day, for the focus and hard work and for representing Belmont so well.

Miss V Risianova