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This week in Year 2…

The weather this week provided the perfect setting for Year 2 to re-enact the story of The Great Serum Race.  The children were truly immersed in this incredible historic event and could not quite believe that the mushers in 1925 had to endure temperatures of -40!  It was a lovely way to celebrate Book Week!

Photo 1:  In 1925 there was an outbreak of Diphtheria in Nome Alaska.  The anti-toxin serum needed to be transported from Anchorage 1000 miles away.

Photo 2: The serum was sent by railroad to Nenana, where it was then handed over to the awaiting sled dog team.

Photo 3: The sled dog team travelled 700 miles in the harshest weather conditions.

Photo 4: Finally, the serum reached Nome and quarantine was lifted.

Poppy from Year 2 also wrote a poem about playing in the snow just before lunch

“My gloves are wet

Who really cares

I can play in the snow

With polar bears!”