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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 we are working on Mrs Armitage’s challenge to design something for her new bike. We have drawn our designs and now we are explaining their purpose, with a literacy focus on using connectives. Later in the week we wrote speech bubbles, again with a focus on using connectives to join two sentences together.  As a class we collaborated all our design ideas to create a list, with a focus on using commas. In Foundation children had a go at making their vehicle from last week’s design and attaching it to the chassis. We also learnt about Mark Beaumont, an adventurer who rode his bike around the world in 80 days. We looked at the challenges he faced and how he overcame these. We used the knowledge from Mr Beaumont’s travels to plot the continents of the world. On Friday Mr Poole kindly brought in his motorbike for the children to investigate and learn some of the names of the parts.

In Maths our focus has been ordinal numbers, naming and ordering the days of the week and the months and seasons of the year.