This week in Year 2…

We have been continuing to focus on the story, ‘Sadie the Airmail Pilot’ by Kellie Strom.

Following on from our Literacy lessons on prepositions, adjectives using the power of 3 and sensory vocabulary, the children have been drafting, then editing and up levelling their writing to describe a page from the book. This page has stunning illustrations and we encouraged the children to imagine they had jumped into the book and they were there in the scene watching Sadie flying her plane. Then they were inspired to think about describing the setting using what they had learnt last week to further enhance their piece of written work. We engaged their senses by asking them to write descriptions of what they could see, hear, smell and touch from the scene. The children were reminded to use the correct punctuation including capital letters for pronouns and commas when they wrote a list of adjectives using the power of 3. Please read below some extracts of what a few children have written:-

Aelith 2RM:

Ominous black thunder clouds zapping on Knuckle Peak like a lion roaring to it’s prey. The terrifying lightning flashes across the snowy mountain as far as the eye can see. Wild wind swishes and sways like a wave on the ocean coming closer and closer. The hailstones clattering down like marbles on the floor.

Jakey 2AM:

Sadie saw a lot of windy, tall and snowy clouds. It was breath taking and frightening for Sadie but she made it. The green palm trees were down below, she swooped through the green jungle and saw toucans chatting in the trees. She dodged mountains through the storm, just missing the edges.

Jessica 2YM:

She was high above the palm trees that were moving in the swishy swashy blue sky. She saw a red and green train on a rusty track, looking like it was going to fall. Sadie went towards a mountain in the fragrant air. The clouds were as fluffy as cotton wool.