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This week in Nursery…

Nursery have had an enjoyable week. The children have had great fun playing on the beach, we added water and splish splashed with our feet. They also enjoyed playing in the new boat role play area outside. They have been taking it in turns to be captains and to drive the boat to very luxurious locations.

The children enjoyed learning the new sounds ‘e’ and ‘u’ and decorating their sounds cards to look like Elmer and a unicorn.

The children learnt many new facts about whales, sharks and dolphins. The children’s favourite fact was that a whales tongue was as heavy as an elephant. The children then chose their favourite sea creature, painted it using the correct colours and wrote a fact.

The children were counting fish 1:1 on Thursday. They were moving them from one sea to another and exploring how the amounts do not change even when being moved.

Today in Forest School the children were experimenting with transporting water. They got very wet but thankfully they were wearing their Forest School outfits!!