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This week in Reception…

This week in Reception we have had another fun week learning about Pirates! We have been listening to Pirate stories and creating our own in the classroom. The children have been enjoying making their own role play resources out of recycled materials and acting out their stories with their friends. We have made treasure maps, boats, flags, they have also enjoyed making their own treasure maps staining them with tea and coffee.

We have also been learning about the importance of healthy eating. We have explored what makes a healthy meal and what foods are unhealthy if we eat them often. We make sure that we have thank Maggie every day for cooking us yummy healthy meals.

In phonics we have continued to recap digraphs and trigraphs to help us use them correctly in our reading and writing. In Maths, we have been looking at ordering numbers on a number line using the written number or a pictorial representation. To make it even more challenging some Pirates have been stealing our numbers and we have had to find which ones have gone missing!

The classes were all very excited to visit Year One on Friday to meet their new teachers. This academic year has gone too quickly, lots to celebrate in the weeks ahead!