This week in Year 2…

We have had a fantastic week learning about Russia, it’s location, history, culture and other facts, following on from our discovery of the Russian folk tale book ‘Masha and the Firebird’  in forest school. We delved deeper into the text.

In English, we described a setting and the characters after looking at the front cover and first few pages. The children annotated the illustrations with words about the characters in one colour and setting in another.

During Geography, the children began by locating Russia on a map using a variety of resources, for example, an atlas, globe, giant maps and google maps.

We learnt a variety of facts about Russia and the children confidently wrote them around their map of Russia. They learnt about Russia being the biggest continent, famous landmarks, popular food like ‘Blinis’ and the currency they use called Rouble! We were very proud of the children’s enthusiasm and interest in our topic so far and we are very excited to see where their creativity takes us!

We learnt about the history of Russian dolls and how they were made. They originated in Russia but are now available all over the world. Having found out lots of fascinating facts we created our own Russian doll and wrote facts about what we discovered.