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This week in Nursery…

The children started off the week by exploring the rest of the school again. This time it was to develop our listening. We walked around with our special listening ears on and tried really hard to listen to all the sounds in the environment. We heard the children and teachers talking, bells ringing, toilets flushing and even the tractor outside.

I’m sure lots of your ears were burning this week as the children were telling us lots about their mummies and daddies. We read the stories ‘My mum’ and ‘My dad’ by Anthony Brown and the children then told us what you were really good at.

After last week’s excitement when using the Magna tiles we provided the children with lots of magnets to play with this week. The children loved this and became fantastic scientists, walking around the classroom trying to finding out what was magnetic and what wasn’t.

Halloween came a little early to Nursery this week. We looked at some pumpkins and different sized squash. We discussed the differences in size, colour, and shape, then we painted them. The children loved using the watercolors and we were impressed with the children’s observational skills when noticing some of the interesting colours on them.

Today we then used our pumpkins to develop our gross motor skills. We used the mallets and golf tees to hammer them into the pumpkins and make holes. We found this a little tricky at first however we persevered and got quite good at it in the end!