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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had an immersive week continuing to find out about The Great Fire of London – a topic that engulfs the children’s imagination, thoughts, and enthusiasm. We read about the houses being pulled down by fire fighters as an attempt to stop the fire and the desperation around the streets of London. The children freeze-framed the flames spreading from house to house and showed how they would feel seeing their city in ruins. We discussed the feelings of sadness, worry, concern, frightened and empathised with the people of London.

In Geography, we looked at a map where the fire spread, the direction of the fire and used compass points to describe the spread of the fire.

During our History lessons, we learned about significant historical events, people and places using different sources to find information. The children created a fact file about Samuel Pepys and understood how an eyewitness account informs us of what actually happened during events in the past. The children wrote their own diary extract imagining they were William, from the book ‘The Great Fire of London’ by Jill Atkins. His character was a young boy living in London in 1666 and he, unfortunately, experienced the effects of the fire first hand.