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This week in Nursery…

The children have loved being back at school and settled back into Nursery extremely well. The children enjoyed sharing their photos of them wearing boots in various places. This was a fantastic way to encourage the children to talk about their half term and a great way of introducing the topic ‘Boots’.

At the start of the week, we put on our wellie boots and went on our very own Bear hunt. We followed the story and found grass, a river, a forest, some snow, and a friendly bear in a cave. The children loved re-enacting the story in the classroom and outside in the playground.

This week we also read the story ‘Sharing a shell’ By Julia Donaldson. This is a fantastic story about friendship and how different personalities bring different things to a friendship. We discussed the characters in the story and talked about what makes a good friend. We then drew our friends and talked about why they are a good friend.

We have had great fun finding our own way to celebrate Bonfire Night this week. We enjoyed drawing the shapes of fireworks in glitter, painting the patterns with bright colours and watching them on the board. We also used this as a fantastic opportunity to discuss fire safety.

We ended the week with an opportunity to play with bee-bots. These are fantastic programmable, moveable robots. The children programmed them to move around a bear hunt scene, deciding where they would like to end up and working out how they would make them get there.