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Art Week 2020

It is with tremendous excitement that I join Mill Hill International.  From the first day I stepped into the school, I knew this was a special place.  The encouraging atmosphere and the promotion of values of moral integrity, confidence and community is something I noticed from the very beginning.  Staff and pupils alike are highly motivated and polite, and the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust is one that immediately makes you feel at home.


Already in my second week in the job we had Art Week, and it was such fun integrating art into tutor time where pupils were encouraged to connect creativity with playfulness and free thinking.  Ellis Paus Torrance’s drawing test and similar fun exercises gave the pupils an opportunity to reflect on the role of creativity as something not only important in art but as something integral to many areas of life and professions.


It is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with pupils in a setting where teachers are given the facilities and opportunity to fully support and bring the best out in every one of them.  It is with great anticipation that we now work towards making lots of exciting creations in the Art department; some of the refracted light collages some of the pupils did during art-week were quite magical.


Mr Vindberg