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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 we received a note and story from the inhabitant of the mystery campsite, the Wild Child! We read her book and focused on her friendship with the wolf and compared that with how we maintain friendships and be a good friend to others. We acted out scenarios of friendship and then wrote dialogue to fill a speech bubble. Year 1 has had a focus of rhyming words, using the rhyming words from the Wild Child book as a basis. We then used that focus to come up with our own Wild Child poem.

In art we began the stages of our Wild painting scenes that will become the covers for our learning journal. Thank you for the research done at home relating to your classes chosen culture. In class, we built upon this research and collaborated our ideas to create a presentation on the clothing, music, food, language and stories from the Masaai Tribe, Australia Aboriginals and Amazonian Tribes. Finally on Friday, we got together as a Year group to celebrate these rich cultures and share what we had learnt. We had a digeridoo demonstration, traditional clothing and stories that were enjoyed by all.