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This week in Year 1…

This week Year 1 received a note from the Wild Child. She gave us a challenge this term to become ‘Wild Warriors’. A Wild Warrior is a:

  • Tree and plant expert
  • Creature Carer
  • Radical recycler
  • Bee Buddy
  • Bug bestie

We will be using our Challenge Cards to mark off our achievements this term, these challenges link to our learning objectives. So far, this week we are in the process of becoming tree experts, researching facts about trees, in Forest School we went on an evergreen leaf matching hunt and in science we learnt about the life cycle of an oak tree. In literacy we read ‘The tree’ by Neil Layton, an environmental fable, children had to re-sequence the story and annotate using adjectives. On Friday, we were treated to a Chinese New Year workshop to the delight of everyone. In maths, we have been finding one more and one less, comparing and ordering numbers to 20 and understanding the whole part relationship when the parts are equal.