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This week in Year 2…

The children arrived at school amazed by the transformation of our classrooms to an enticing rainforest habitat. Our new topic, Wild Tribe Heroes, began in spectacular style by the arrival of a letter and the discovery of a rucksack from ‘Steve Backshall’. He explained that he needs the children to help him by being his researchers for this new project. In the rucksack was a collection of clues including books, mini jungle animals, a QR code and other rainforest-inspired artefacts, like a compass, magnifying glass, tweezers, and binoculars. There was also a trip ticket inviting the children to explore Kew Gardens on Monday 13th January 2020. And so our adventure begins…

In English, the children used their inference skills to deduce what the clues in the rucksack are for and how they will help with the investigation. In Computing, we documented the stunning start to our topic using our class iPads by introducing the children to an app called ‘Pages’.

On Monday, Year 2 had a marvellous time at Kew Gardens. We participated in a workshop in the majestic Palm House and learnt all about the different plants that might help us if we were stranded in the rainforest. We learnt about finding particular plants if we wanted a drink, which fruit we could find and eat and which plant to use to build a shelter. We also explored the Tree Top Walk and spent time in the new Children’s garden which has different areas helping us to learn what a plant needs to survive. We all enjoyed this inspiring and educational trip.

Year 2 have also starting ‘Paws B’ sessions with Ms Moir, which is a mindfulness based classroom curriculum.