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This Week in Nursery!

Nursery started off the week with a very exciting package that had come all the way from Japan. Mrs Webb gave it to the Stars of the Day and we were so excited to open it. Inside there were some Japanese Pokémon toys. The children loved playing with them and learning about their names and super powers.

The children learnt the new sounds v and j, they decorated their sounds cards using jewels and violet. We used these sounds to explore Jelly this week. The children played with the uncooked cubes, building towers and houses with them. They also played with cooked Jelly which was very messy and sticky.

After the delivery of Pokémon toys we decided to create our very own Pokémon using clay. We were so impressed with the children’s skills when manipulating the clay and they used great creativity to tell us what their names were and what their superpower was.

On Wednesday the children made something special for their Daddies. We read the story ‘My Dad is Brilliant’ by Nick Butterworth and the children thought of some wonderful things about why their Dads were brilliant too.

Today in Forest school the children created woodland spirits using clay and water. They also climbed the rainbow tree and played in the mud kitchen using sawdust.