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This week in Nursey…

What an amazing week in Nursery. The children returned to school on Monday to find the role play area had been transformed into a school as per their request. They have then spent the whole week role playing being the teacher, giving out stars of the day, marking work, writing lots of notes on post its and pretending to drink tea.

The children enjoyed learning their new sound ‘t’ and decorating their sound cards with tea leaves. They are also really enjoying bringing in their objects for the sound shelf,  so thank you for ensuring this has been chosen by them as it helps further this learning at home.

We have continued to explore Antarctica this week with a focus on penguins. We measured the children  against different types of penguins. They were amazed to find out which ones were bigger and smaller than them.

We have also explored ice this week. The children had the opportunity to break ice with hammers which they found much trickier than it looked. They also painted on ice with water colours and explored what materials make ice melt and what ones helped it to say frozen for longer. The children had some great ideas and they were very aware that anything warm would definitely make the ice melt more quickly.