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This week in PE…

The Reception children have been very busy developing their coordination in PE.

They used skipping ropes in different ways, breaking down the jump roping component into simple steps.  The first concept we worked on was the jump. (Bending knees, and landing softly).

We started by laying the rope on the ground and practise different jumps.  Laying the rope on the ground allowed pupils to focus on jumping and not worry about turning.

Next, we practised just turn the rope, no jump! Afterward, we put all the steps together:  TURN FIRST, THEN JUMP!

To keep energy levels high, we broke jump roping into stations:

    • Hula Jumping
    • Jumping with the Rope on the ground
    • Turning the rope
    • Turning and Jumping
    • Snake – Attach the rope to a bench and shake it like a snake
    • Hurdles

We all had great fun!