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This week in Nursery…

The children were so happy to come back to Nursery after half term and were really excited to share their news about what they had been up to or where they had been.

We started off the week by learning our new sound ‘i’. The children decorated their sound card with ink and used ink to do some stamping and finger printing.

The children also came into Nursery to find the role play area had been changed into a police station. This was lucky, we haven’t heard from Stickman in quite a while and we are all getting worried so the Police officers in Nursery have been searching high and low for him.

On Tuesday the children all made signs to place around the school in search of Stickman. They drew a picture of him and described what he looked like. Fingers crossed we will hear some news about where he is soon.

This week we have also been focusing on the wonderful traditional tale of ‘The three little pigs’. The children re told the story in their own words, they sequenced the story and we used the characters in the story to work on one to one counting and number problems.

This week we have also been thinking about road safety. We talked about different crossings and the senses we use when crossing the road. We practiced both on our small zebra crossing in the playground and on the road outside of school.