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This week in Reception…

World Book Week Fun!

Reception have had so much fun this week celebrating the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day. This year, with the message for all children ‘You Are A Reader!’

The fun started early on Monday morning as the teachers took part in a ‘Rapid Reading Run’, where teachers and Teaching Assistants from others classes came to read a story to our classes. It was a great surprise to have teachers from all around the school come into our classroom and read a story from their Treasured reads suitcases. As soon as the five-minute bell rang the teachers had to race to another classroom!

In Circle Time this week, we shared our favourite book for ‘Show and tell’. It was wonderful to hear the chil-dren talk with great enthusiasm about their favourite books. Throughout the week the children have been surprised by the Mystery Readers who read stories aloud. Thank you to all the Mystery Readers that took part. It was wonderful to see your children’s faces light up when they recognised the Mystery Reader!

We had a very special Author named Peter Bently come into school to read us the story of ‘The Great Bal-loon Hullabaloo’. This was a story all about an adventure in a hot air balloon that travels up to space. After the story, we created a solar system in small groups forming the different planets. At the end of the session, we asked Peter many questions about his role as an author and how he creates and writes stories.

Thank you for the time and effort that went into all the amazing costumes. The children were thrilled to take part in such a fun event showcasing their costumes and bringing their favourite characters to life! This event supported the work of Book Aid International – a fantastic charity dedicated to changing lives through books. Thank you for your donations.

This week we enjoyed our very first Pancake Race! The children raced in their House teams: Willow, Oak, and Beech to earn points to hopefully win the trophy. Well done to all the children who walked super-fast whilst holding the pan and crossing the finish line. The overall winners were Oak! Congratulations Oak!

Finally, on Friday Reception took part in a dance Workshop from ‘Dance Days!’ where we danced and acted out the familiar story of ‘The Three Little Pigs. This was a great workshop to bring a well-known children’s book to life! The children had so much fun performing! This was a great end of World Book Week!