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This week in Reception…

This week in Reception we have become divers! We boarded our submarine and dove down into the ocean to see what we could find. We then met some sea creatures and learnt facts about them all! We first met some turtles, real ones too! The children loved this experience as they were able to take turns to hold the turtles and explore first hand all the things about them. We learnt about what they eat, how to tell if they are a boy or a girl, their predators as well as exploring how they felt. Reception then enjoyed lots of TURTLEY great activities.

We printed with potato mashers to explore shell patterns, using paper plates to make a turtle shell, explored shapes and patterns as well as singing our favourite turtle song. We then met a stingray and asked lots of different questions, we found out how they have no bones in their bodies, where their eyes, mouth and gills are, what they eat, different types and who their predators are. We enjoyed writing facts about them and making our own stingray crafts. This week we also celebrated ‘Outdoor Learning Day’, thank you Mrs Jenner for organising a great day of outdoor activities, maypole dancing and a great story walk. We have been enjoying our new space by the cabin, we have a new water feature, a digging pit and lots more open space.