This week in Year 2…

At the end of last week we participated in Outdoor Learning Day which was brilliantly organised by Mrs Jenner. Our day was divided into three main parts – Outdoor Task Time, a story walk in the school grounds and a maypole dance workshop. The children took great delight in all of these activities.

In English this week, we looked very carefully at the first page of Manfish by Jennifer Berne. We looked at the book in small groups and discussed the following questions after reading the first page of the story:

  • What do you like about the way the writing has been presented on this page?
  • What does it look like? (Movement/ isolation).
  • What is the effect of the author using CAPITAL LETTERS and changing the font size?
  • Can you identify and touch some of the ‘wow’ words in the text?
  • What words might make a difference if they were not there?

Next, we wrote our own version of the first page of the story having first identified the powerful verbs on the page. Then we produced a rough draft of the page in the style of the author taking time to describe how it might feel to dive in the ocean. The children up levelled their work with their teacher and wrote it neatly onto a page from the book.

In grammar, we are revising the use of capital letters and full stops so if your child is doing any writing, please can you reinforce this at home.