This week in Nursery…

What another lovely warm week in Nursery. The children enjoyed learning the new sounds x and y. I know these were a little trickier to find an object for however, we still had some very creative objects for the sound shelf though so thank you. The children decorated their sound cards to look like an x ray and painted  y, yellow.

This week we looked at the story ‘The snail and the whale’ written by Julia Donaldson. The children love this story and it was a perfect opportunity to look into whales in more detail. We also looked at the shape of snails. We created spirals in the sand, decorated spiral shapes with stickers and coloured pencils.

We also created a large class whale. The children loved painting and collaging it and we had a wonderful discussion about how big whales are.

The role play area changed again this week, the children asked for a hairdressers. There were some rules the children had to follow such as they were not allowed to brush each other’s hair however they had great fun brushing the dolls head and the teachers hair.