School meals

Belmont prides itself on the production of healthy and wholesome meals provided by our award-winning catering team.

All food costs are included in the School Fee. There is also a Breakfast Club for parents and children, starting from 7.30am, which is paid for separately.

We are committed to providing healthy food and encouraging, in our pupils, a lifelong interest in nutrition.

  • We serve fresh fruit every day, with no added sugar
  • We do not add salt when cooking vegetables
  • Our vegetables are not glazed with oil or butter
  • 80% of our salads are undressed
  • Potatoes and pasta are prepared without added salt/butter/oil
  • We cook with mono-unsaturated oil
  • We only use lean meats
  • We regularly offer recipes, which include oily fish
  • We always use ingredients that are lower in fat, salt and sugar

The pupils have a regular input into the choice of menus offered through the Food Council which meets termly.