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Building a sense of community

Mill Hill School Foundation states as one of its aims that we seek to build a sense of community. For a community to be effective it is key to communicate with each other. I am sure you will agree that our splendid new website will be a great aid in assisting us to share much more with you, whether you are a current parent, pupil, alumni or interested member of the public.

In addition to the regularly updated news about School and Foundation activities to be found on the website, each Head will be writing a weekly blog. If you become a regular reader of these you will, over the weeks, start to understand more about our philosophy and values as we share with you our thoughts and reflections on a range of topics. The key element linking all these pieces will be the educational journey we are on as a Foundation.

The start of a new school year is a fine time to be launching our website. Within each school we will be shaping our immediate community of pupils and staff this coming year, restating our values and setting our goals and aspirations for the year. I hope that you will dip into this blog over the months ahead and share with us progress on this year’s journey.