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The Show Must Go On!

“One of the best ways to pull a house together”;

“a real opportunity to learn what it is to work as a team”;

“no one can sit back and let others do the work – everyone has to join in”;

“as head of house this was a real test of my leadership!”

All comments made by sixth formers, past and present, on the challenges and delights of participating in the school’s house drama competition.

This week the idea of team work and pulling together was certainly tested. Pupils at both Belmont and Mill Hill had been working on the final rehearsals for their performances to take place over the coming days, when overnight an unexpected obstacle was presented to Belmont – a fire in the gym. This meant their performance space was no longer available and there was a significant worry that the house drama competition might have to be postponed or cancelled.

This is where being a Foundation of schools comes into its own. With some juggling of the house rehearsals of the Senior School pupils, space was found for the Belmont pupils to rehearse and perform their plays on the Mill Hill stage to a house full of proud parents.

Over this last year the Heads in each of the four schools of the Foundation have been working together to create the idea of the ‘big campus’: charting the opportunities to share our Foundation wide resources on a more regular and scheduled manner. My sincere thanks to all those who rose to the challenge presented at such short notice of making idea of the big campus a reality this week and getting the show on the stage!