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Building our Community

I was delighted to spend time on Tuesday evening with the representatives of the Parents’ Associations which run our four schools within the Foundation. The meeting was primarily to meet each other, the senior managers across the Foundation, and to talk about the important role that parents play within the Schools.

The Parents Association in each of our individual foundation Schools meet on a regular basis to organise activities which revolve around supporting their school community. We are hugely grateful to them for their role in planning social activities to assist parents to meet each other, and their involvement in Open Mornings and other events, where they are a visible presence available to reassure prospective parents.

The Associations have also worked across the Foundation to organise a number of fundraising activities including the last two very successful ABC Balls and the Winter Coat Drops. Money raised from October’s Ball reached over £50,000 towards bursaries, which was a tremendous achievement. And most recently we have received an email of thanks from the charity receiving our winter coats attached below.

I would like, through this article, to thank you for your involvement in the Parents Association and encourage you to continue to support the Association’s initiatives so that we can work towards the Foundation aim to “build a sense of community through working in close partnership with parents”

From London Calling about the Coat Drop

Dear Mrs King, Mr Roberts, Mrs Simon and Mrs Bellotti,

On behalf of Calling London I wanted to thank the families of all the Mill Hill Schools who once again got involved in our Winter Coat Campaign in December and helped us reach our grand total of 4500 coats, which is our new record!

 In 2016 I was so thrilled to receive 246 coats in two carloads brought to me by school parents Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Becker, but last month I couldn’t believe it as no less than 5 cars delivered an astounding 722 coats! I was positively overwhelmed by the generosity of the Mill Hill families who donated so many items.

 In simplest terms this has meant that 722 vulnerable Londoners have now got something to keep them warm in the cold months. It’s an amazing thought. The school spirit at your school is inspiring.

I have now distributed nearly all our coats across London, and have donated to food banks, as well as to countless homeless shelters for young people and adults, to women’s refuges, to the elderly. Every coat really does count, as I’ve been reminded by those who run these charitable groups.

 Please extend my warmest thanks to all those who so donated their old coats and in doing so have made such a difference to so many in need.

 With best wishes,

Frances Manthos