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Our pupils are busy planning for life after Mill Hill

This week my blog has been written by Lesley Sharples our Head of University & Post School Guidance.

Monday 15th January, 6pm saw this current cycle of university applications come to a close with 129 applications having successfully been sent to UCAS. Additionally, 5 applicants applied to the USA to a total of 19 different universities, ranging from NYU to the University of Texas to name but a few. Applications have also been made to IED Spain and Trinity Dublin; all in keeping with our truly global outlook at Mill Hill School.

This cycle of Oxbridge interviews has also seen offers gained by Harry Dawood (Leaver 2017) to read Engineering at Peterhouse, Cambridge 2018, and Reuben Brown to read History at Selwyn, Cambridge 2018 and Eli Belilty (Leaver 2017) to read HSPS at New Hall, Cambridge 2019. Many congratulations on these offers and on all the offers received so far in this cycle of UCAS applications!

Within the Sixth Form, one of the more recent developments in our Higher Education provision is that pupils have been using a digital search platform provided by BridgeU throughout the Apply 2017 and 2018 cycles. One of the many benefits this has provided is that it has enabled us to use detailed analytics from each cycle to analyse application trends and patterns (although only 2 cycles so far), thus enabling greater focus and advice to be directed towards course search criteria and institution selection, looking at offer and acceptance rate information.

Some interesting results from the analysis of the 2017 application cycle are:

  • The offer rate for Mill Hill pupils is very strong at 83% overall (an increase from 74% to 83% from 2016 to 2017)
  • Overall, girls tended to be more aspirational than boys in terms of the rankings of universities applied to (QS 100, 50 & Russell Group)
  • Overall, boys were more likely to apply to Languages than girls, whilst girls were more likely to apply to Art and Design courses compared to boys
  • There were minimal gender differences within applications to Social Sciences and Humanities, and STEM applications were almost identical

As we move towards February half term, the Lower Sixth cohort are gearing up to start their own Higher Education journey in preparation for their application cycle next academic year. Opportunities to apply not only to university via the ‘traditional’ route exist to explore; Degree Apprenticeships, School Leaver Programmes, University in the UK or abroad in Europe, the USA, Australia and beyond, are all real possibilities to investigate in the Sixth Form at Mill Hill.

Next week I will be participating in a conference on Higher and Degree Apprenticeships organised by ‘High Fliers’ with many employers such as Google, BAE Systems, Deloitte, Marks and Spencer, IBM and Arcadia to name but a few, where the main focus of debate and discussion will be about how to recruit Sixth Form school leavers for their Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

There are a wealth of opportunities that exist for our young people at a post 18 level and at Mill Hill, we want to make sure our Sixth Form pupils are equipped to seize the opportunities that will place them in the optimal position to maximise their potential in the ever changing and dynamic world of work and enterprise.

Lesley Sharples – Head of University & Post School Guidance