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What bright and sparky ideas should you discuss in an Innovation Hub? And what lies behind the idea of having such a space in a school? Over these last couple of weeks, we have been discussing these questions here at Mill Hill as we search for our first Innovation Hub Manager.

The idea of dedicating space within the Foundation to the vague notion of innovation came about in Spring 2016, shortly after my arrival here. Speeches from the Davos conference of January 2016 focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution were being quoted in the papers, ( and Klaus Schwab’s book by the same name had just been printed.

Since then time has been spent exploring how we could bring life to the idea of innovation within the Foundation. We have had meetings with alumni, interested parents, teachers and pupils to try to understand what they think lies behind the word, and what any such space might be used for.

And now we are heading towards a realisation of these ideas. We have identified a good space within the Foundation, and we are in the middle of an interview process with a number of keen and well qualified individuals who would like to lead the Foundation programme for the Innovation Hub. We hope to launch this project in September 2018. Watch this space!