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We should all get out a bit more!

Despite the fact that the world is at our finger tips through modern mobile devices such as our mobile phones, there is nothing like meeting new people face to face. Through every new encounter we have to present ourselves for the first time and, in doing so, sum up both for ourselves and this new person, who we are and what might be of interest in ourselves to others. Each new meeting pushes us to see the world through someone else’s eyes and understand what it is like to be them.

Mill Hill School Foundation works closely with a number of different organisations based around the world. Through these links we learn more about others and their particular circumstances, whether this is living and working in Tottenham through the London Academy of Excellence, or going to school in Tamil Nadu through our link with Sri Jayendra School.

It is often through practical activities that links are forged and friendships made.  We are, therefore, delighted this week to announce further opportunities for our girls to extend their involvement in sport through an exciting new relationship with Middlesex Cricket Club. This partnership will see the Middlesex Women and Girls’ sides playing the majority of their home matches at Mill Hill and Belmont Schools from this season onwards. The Schools will benefit through the provision by Middlesex of staff development, coaching for pupils and player events focused on the Foundation. We very much hope that through this closer link with the sport, more of our girls will be inspired to get involved, join a team, and extend through this their network of friends, getting to know, as a result, both more about others and, indeed, themselves.