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A link with the past

At Mill Hill we are very aware of the glorious parkland which we are privileged to enjoy as the setting for the School. With 120 acres of open space, our pupils, staff and parents have plenty of opportunity to enjoy their time outside, whether it is to play sports, sit quietly, or chat with a friend.

On 21 June we held a ceremony in part of our grounds to commemorate the man who provided us with so many of our wonderful plants and trees. A number of people have been part of the project seeking to set up a garden to honour Peter Collinson, the famous botanist who lived at The Ridgeway before the Foundation bought the land. Yesterday was the fulfilment of their dreams, as we formally opened the Peter Collinson Memorial Garden. We are grateful to the many individuals involved in realising this project and supporting us financially, with botanical wisdom, and with hard work.

Amongst the guests at the opening ceremony were dignitaries from other foundations associated with Collinson, such as the Linnean Society and Painshill Park Garden. Lord Petre, whose ancestor was a firm supporter of Collinson’s gardening business, attended. And we were thrilled to have, as our guest of honour, Joel Fry, the curator of Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia who formally opened the Garden.

Do step by and visit the Garden and learn a little more about this fascinating character from Mill Hill Village’s past. Or learn more about him through this link to the detailed website set up by the Mill Hill Preservation Society:  http://www.mhps.org.uk/collinson/