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A network of contacts

The Mill Hill School Foundation community is extensive and reaches out to those currently in all four Schools, to their parents, the local community and, indeed, former pupils. And within this group of people is a wealth of experience. So it was good to be able to connect like-minded people from this community last night through one of the regular dinners run by our alumni club. Six of our sixth formers, together with some staff members joined Old Millhillians who have an interest in business and entrepreneurship, for an evening of conversation, business networking and edification.

The source of our edification was our lively after-dinner guest, John Singer, who made the topic of private equity, or at least elements of it, accessible to us all. John’s background is as an investment and financial services professional which includes over 30 years’ experience in private equity. John simplified the mysteries of his world so that it was accessible to outsiders but also provided some interesting reflections on his sense of the direction of travel for this part of the world of finance.

Central to his assessment of how to make a success in the world of private equity was an understanding of the importance of people within a firm, of the management of its culture, and the role of the investor to add value.

In addition to his day job in finance, Mr Singer is involved with several organisations within the arts and education sectors and he shared his passion and interest in this wide range of activities with us during the evening.

Our thanks to the Old Millhillian Club for arranging this, and providing our pupils with a chance to explore the world of finance through such an agreeable evening.