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Meeting Our Neighbours

I was delighted to welcome Pastor Joshua Kane to Mill Hill School this week.  Having been the minister at the Mill Hill East Community Church for over two years, he gave me a fresh insight into our local area. We talked about our common interest in supporting Mill Hill and of ways that Mill Hill School could engage in new projects generated by his community.

Mr Kane spoke about a number of interesting and imaginative projects which have been generated by his community.

  • Interfaith relations: through close dialogue between local Christian, Muslim and Jewish community groups they hope to reduce inter-racial tensions in the area. Thus this interfaith group is currently working on a mural involving images from all three faith communities which they hope will send a message of unity and solidarity to all.
  • A community garden: the Church community says, “We want to transform some empty and unloved space into a vibrant and creative community garden – an open and creative home for local people to connect with nature and with each other. Through this space we want to help people discover new skills, particularly as they reconnect with food and nature. We’d like to create a space where local children can learn about planting and wildlife through getting their hands dirty, as well as providing opportunities for the elderly and isolated to come and meet new people.
  • Fair Trade coffee: the community buys its coffee directly from the growers in Tanzania and roasts it at Mill Hill. Perhaps Mill Hill School could help to distribute this further.
  • Teaching English as a second language: we hope to discuss the possibility of some of our pupils helping in this scheme.

It was very good to hear of the wonderful community work that is being done through Mill Hill East Church and to explore opportunities for the Foundation’s involvement in this.