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Our Creative Curriculum comes alive!

In this week’s blog I am going to let the children do the talking – or the writing! The creative curriculum that we introduced at the start of this academic year has provided our children with deep, immersive learning experiences leading to extensive and linked curriculum coverage along with not only motivation to write but the tools, skills and literary devices to write to a very high standard indeed.

The children in Year 2 (6 and 7 year olds approaching the end of their first term) have been looking at adjectives, similes and shades of meaning relating to adjectives. They have used all of this learning to work really hard on writing a description of the woods at night. Three pieces of writing have been chosen at random to share:

As the howling wind whipped around me, I was in a deep and dark forest that was as creepy as a booby trapped haunted house. A ghostly, gloomy and spooky ghost was chasing me. The massive trees surrounded me and I ducked under the huge, tangling and long branches and looked up into the sky which was black as space. (Zachary)

I see torches shining and I see my friends coming, so I run over. The moon shines in the moonlight and we stare in amazement at the dark sky because it is so bright. You can light a sparkly fire to keep warm because it is dark. The trees are as tall as mountains. Wild animals snuffle in the moonlight while we have hot chocolate. Then we hear the leaves crunching under our feet. The moon is as bright as the torches. The forest is a good place to play tag. The wind blows as hard as a giants laugh. I like roasting marshmallows in the smoky, sparkling and burning fire. (Penelope)

Darkness fell and the moon shone brightly on the pebbles.  The stars were as bright as the sun.  They were like a painting of a starry night. It was a misty sight to see.  The thunder roared like a lion!  The owl swooped silently and caught their prey.  The trees waved like an owl flapping his wings.  The raindrops were on a web and looked like diamonds.  The clouds took over the sky.  The fire was like fireworks taking up the whole forest. (Ishan)

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I did, and that photos of some of the writing samples in the children’s learning journals from a range of year groups also inspire anyone reading this to write just as much our children do!