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Grimsdell supports Children in Need

Children in Need is a long established charity, raising money for children in the UK and abroad who need help and support in  wide variety of ways.

As a Pre-Preparatory school with children aged 3-7 we embody the essence of childhood and our participation in Children in Need is a way of helping other children who might have more difficult circumstances to deal with. In addition it teaches our children to not only realise how fortunate they are, but to develop empathy and understanding of others outside their normal experience.

Thanks to the Children in Need website I was able to access some really helpful material to help children understand the sorts of things we are raising money for. Events like these can seem quite abstract to young children so examples and stories are a great way to connect them with the purpose of an event, otherwise the meaning can get lost while we are busy wearing our colourful clothes and buying cakes.

We used the example of Little Elodie, who is blind in both eyes. The film shows both Elodie and her brother speak about what it is like to be blind and what she misses out on. The film is very honest and also very positive, as it reveals how Children in Need has enabled her to have access to music classes which have stimulated her other senses and give her great pleasure and enjoyment. This is a simple yet life changing opportunity for Elodie.

One of the nicest things about the clip is the kindness, love and support that her brother gives his little sister. He sets such a lovely example that all big brothers can aspire to! His empathy and positivity is as inspiring as Elodie’s bravery and determination to enjoy life to the full.

I recommend it as a really heart-warming viewing and a reminder that whilst charity events such Children in Need come around every year and it is easy to be complacent, we should never stop trying to help other people.