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Love is all around us!

It has been a week full of love at Grimsdell as we have celebrated Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways across the school.

There was a fabulous class assembly where they taught us about the history of Valentine’s Day and provided us with lots of facts and information on how it is celebrated today. They also re-enacted a beautiful story about the colour of love and how love is everywhere, existing in all the colours of the rainbow. We were treated to two heart-warming songs and there was even a proposal of marriage within the assembly! It was lovely to start the week with an assembly about the one thing that really makes the world go round. As stated by the children, nothing matters if you have love all around you.

The children across all year groups have been very creative using a range of materials and techniques to create cards and gifts to give to loved ones and the emphasis has been on how to tell someone you love them without spending money.

So often Valentine’s Day is looked upon with cynicism and seen as a marketing and money making opportunity. However, I am a bit old fashioned and think that a day devoted to love in the broadest sense is just what the world needs. Children are particularly good at spreading love and happiness and over recent years Valentine’s Day has become as much about family love and friendship as it is about the romance of flowers and chocolates.

Once child made my day by saying, ‘really it is valentine’s day at Grimsdell every day!’ I cannot think a nicer thing to say about our school.

In the words of the song we heard in assembly…

Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away

Love is something if you give it away…

You end up having more