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Today I Hugged A Tree

Today Grimsdell celebrated Just One Tree Day. This is a global charity that recognises the positive impact trees have on our environment and the contribution forests can make to climate change.

All the children brought in £1.00 for the privilege of wearing their own clothes and understood that this small offering will plant one tree.

One tree may look very insignificant in isolation – but 194 trees (the number of children in our school) actually starts to look like a rather expansive Forest and can make a real difference to the environment, especially if schools around the world are also supporting the same charity.

Our assembly was all about this theme and whilst our assemblies are still on Zoom for safety reason, there was nothing to stop us from going outside to ‘broadcast’ from there.

The assembly focused first on the beauty of trees and their impact on wellbeing but we then went into more detail about the science behind their gift to environment using props and children friendly scenarios.

  • Their absorption of Carbon Dioxide and their release of Oxygen (the lungs of the world!) and why carbon dioxide is bad for the planet.
  • Their ability to filter the water we drink by absorbing rainwater through their leaves, down their trunks and into the soil.
  • The fact that they are homes for numerous animals.
  • The fact that trees can produce some ingredients for medicine.
  • The fact that trees improve the quality of soil so farmers can grow food for humans and animals.

We decided trees are superheroes of the world and even gave our tree a super hero cape!

If you are interested in finding out more about Just One Tree Day or want to get involved, here are the details of their website. I hope you also enjoy the photos depicting the assembly and my tree hug!