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Mindfulness Floats into the Grimsdell Timetable

The introduction of Mindfulness to our curriculum in Year 2 last year was so successful that we decided to invest energy and training into a Mindfulness curriculum for all our pupils aged 3-7. Bringing Mindfulness to this age group is a new branch of the Mindfulness teaching programme ‘Dots’ and we were excited to embed the practice and skills as early as possible in order to boost the mental wellness habits and routines of our children, both now and for the future.

Our pupils, teachers and parents report that simple meditation makes a positive impact on a calm start to the day, a soothing bed time and that actively teaching children to enjoy the moment has prevented anxiety.

Our aim is not for all children to become full practitioners of mindfulness, but rather they know about it and use it from time to time. This may lead to some practising it daily or perhaps just remembering it when needed. Above all it is something to be enjoyed that fosters kindness towards others and yourself.

Choosing to be present in the moment has helped out children become more aware of themselves and connected to their emotions, whilst also being aware of each other and developing the beginnings of emotional intelligence.

We aim to get the children to have a go at the activities without pressure and to engage with their senses rather than their thoughts. This allows them to enjoy the feeling of being alive!

School can be full of varying stimuli and expectations, all of which can be positive yet tiring. Mindfulness allows them a space to connect with their growing sense of self which in turn leads to a healthy self-esteem.

Our journey with Mindfulness began after one of our teachers explored and discovered the benefits, sending soft ripples through the school. We picked up on this and considered how far we could take the children on this journey. The serenity of the image with this blog gives you a flavour of the impact and we shall watch and share how it manifests with our 3, 4 and 5 year olds as they gently absorb the tools and principles.