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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope that you had a restful break and that 2019 brings you and your family health and happiness.


It was lovely to welcome all the children back to school on Monday and I think they have all had a busy and enjoyable first week of the Spring Term. In assembly and Chapels this week we talked about looking back and looking ahead. Mr Symes’ Chapels got the children to reflect on 2018 and to think about how they can learn lessons to take into 2019.

In my assembly I talked to the pupils about Michael Cane’s autobiography that I had been reading over Christmas, having heard extracts in a Radio 4 programme. The book is a series of reflections and lessons for budding actors or more generally for anyone who wants to follow their dreams in life. I talked about how many of the themes highlighted by the British Icon, who has starred in more than 125 films, resonate with the Belmont values. Some of the sub headings in his book include:

  • Whatever it is give it 100%
  • You are always auditioning (in other words always on show so don’t let down your guard and try to be your best self)
  • Forget rich and famous: find what you love

With the last bullet point I reminded the children about the visit from Old Belmontian, William Donald, before Christmas. William talked to the children in assembly about always wanting to work with lions as a young Belmontian and he went onto gain a 1st in Zoology at Bristol and is currently doing Master’s research in Botswana. He showed some amazing pictures but the theme of his talk was all about following your dreams and finding your passion. He asked the pupils what they wanted to be and we had a range of answers from athletes, footballers, vets and my personal favourite, a builder in Ibitha! The children have a tremendous opportunity in attending a school like Belmont and we want each one of them to find their niche and the path that is right for them.

The final part of Michael Caine’s autobiography that I shared with pupils demonstrated how he has a Growth Mindset:

‘But most of all I learnt, and continue to learn, from doing. I do it; I make mistakes; I learn from my mistakes. Nothing has the power to etch a lesson deeper into my brain than making a mistake. Nothing rebuilds resilience better than making a mistake and then getting up and trying again, and doing it a bit better.’

If there was a message to take into 2019, I think that is pretty good advice from one of the most successful British actors of all time.

Head’s Commend

Kian, 5SB for being invited to join the National Children’s Orchestra, he also achieved a Distinction for his Grade 5 Violin exam. Well done Kian! We are all very proud of you.

Thank you to the FOB

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to the Friends of Belmont and all families who supported Winter Wonderland. It was a great day but around £20,000 has been raised that will go towards equipment in the new Sports Hall.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

With best wishes,

Leon Roberts