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Head for the Day 2019

My name is Zachary, and I am in Year 4. Today I am Head for the Day. This is a big day for me and I am slightly nervous about the big responsibility of being a mini version of Mr Roberts.

When I first came in this morning I was straight on Top Crossing duty with Mr Roberts making sure the children got into School safely and the cars didn’t crash into one another!

I then picked up my ID badge and made my way to Mr Roberts’ Office. But first, a situation has occurred… the power was down in a certain part of the Main Building, potentially affecting computers and whiteboards. I visited the affected parts of the school without any power, had a quick think and sent an email to all Belmont staff advising them “Mr Smith is doing his best to resolve the situation. In the meantime, my advice to you is to use whiteboards and pens and teach the old fashioned way.”

I didn’t have much time before assembly was due to start so I had a quick run-through of my script and then we made our way to the Jubilee Hall to practice my speed when talking and the importance of projecting my voice to the pupils. The theme for the assembly was ‘Good to be Me’- this was a great theme and something that is really important to discuss as what makes everyone different is the fact we are all unique! I was nervous to lead the assembly because there were lots of people and it felt like lots of pressure! To conclude the assembly I gave out certificates to selected pupils for Maths Week, Sports and English. I felt so much better and proud of myself once it was over! I had several members of staff tell me what a great job I had done and that not many other people would have got up on stage to talk to a large group of people.

Next up, a Learning Walk with Head of Lower School, Miss Sutherns. I had the opportunity to visit classes including Miss Williams, Miss Cregg, Mr Phillips, Mrs Bridge, and Miss Black and take a sneak peek at rehearsals. It was lots of fun and eye-opening to see what everyone is currently learning about.

I returned to my Maths lesson and my teacher Miss Cregg allowed me to choose who answered the questions, I also answered lots of questions myself!

Finally, break time, a chance to have a snack and drink. During break time I signed pupils commends. One form in particular, 5TB had lots of commends for me to sign. Once break time was over, it was time for Swimming! We made our way over to Mill Hill School. I really enjoy swimming lessons. All my Games teachers called me Headmaster, which made the class laugh!

After a busy morning, I had worked up a large appetite and was hungry! As part of my special experience, I was allowed to choose what I could eat for lunch and also to invite some of my friends to share it with me. I requested Chicken Nuggets and Chips with Millionaire Shortbread- my favourite desert! My friends Jonah, Ben and Constantinos shared my lunch with myself and Mr Symes in the Rooker Roberts Room. So far this has been the highlight of my day!

English was my last lesson of the day, and my teacher Miss Granath set up a fun activity for the class to create ocean shaped poems. My poem was in the shape of a shark!

So far, I have had a really fun day. I would definitely consider becoming a Headteacher when I am older. Although I love the idea of becoming a Footballer or a YouTuber too.

My final task for the day was Late Room duty with Mrs Hunt, the Librarian. I have not done a Late Room duty before. I went around and checked the pupils were doing their homework or if they needed any help. There were also biscuits and juice available which was yummy!

I wish I could be Head for the Day every day! I have had so much fun and look forward to negotiating my contract with Mr Roberts in the near future.

Have a lovely weekend,