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House Carousel

It is important that every child is adaptable, resilient, practical and creative. We therefore actively teach our pupils these skills.

Once a week your child will be taught in their House, rather than in their form group. In these classes your child will learn subjects that aren’t traditionally taught at school. We call this part of our curriculum the House Carousel, and it falls into four main areas: Wellbeing, Life Skills, Intellectual and Cultural Enrichment, and Forest Schools.


Helping our pupils to find ways to stay happy and positive

  • Keeping calm
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding why healthy eating and exercise matter
  • Yoga
  • Dance

Life Skills:

Learning skills for the real world

  • Cooking and basic food hygiene
  • Working in the Eco Garden
  • Touch typing
  • Internet safety
  • Road safety
  • First aid
  • Managing a budget
  • Interview skills for our older pupils

Intellectual and cultural enrichment:

Sparking creativity and original thinking

  • History of art
  • History of music
  • Performance poetry
  • Welsh and Japanese – languages few
    pupils will have met before
  • Chess – a great way to improve problem-solving and creative thinking

Forest Schools

Stimulating outdoor learning in our own grounds. We see pupils develop greater:

  • Self-belief
  • Confidence
  • Learning capacity
  • Communication and problem-solving skills
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Appreciation of the natural world