Welcome to
Mill Hill School

Mrs Frances King

Mrs Frances King, Head

Mill Hill School prepares young people to meet life head on: we want them to take advantage of all available opportunities so that they can make the most out of life. Our stimulating and exciting academic environment and numerous activities outside the class room encourage learning and personal growth. We are committed to the development of every pupil and believe that our friendly and supportive community helps this to happen.

Everyone is encouraged to have a go, and get involved; to follow their passion and give of their best. Such an approach means that our pupils also realise that things may not always go according to plan, and they may need to try again. Through this active involvement in the learning process our pupils develop a sense of self confidence which prepares them to face life head on.

Mill Hill School has so much to offer: do come and see us. I look forward to meeting you when you do.


Farrow Singing Competition 2017
This year’s competition was hotly contested with George Taylor winning the Farrow Prize and Chantelle Duru the Helmore Prize.

2017 Jazz Band Soirée
The Music Department together with The Parents’ Association invite you to an evening of Jazz on Thursday 9 March featuring the amazing Mill Hill School Jazz Band. READ MORE

Cross Country Success
Congratulations to Kit Nyman McKnight for an absolutely superb run at the Middlesex Championships finishing third. READ MORE

Come and explore the world of Mill Hill School in this introductory film which will give you an insight into life here, our values and opportunities.