Welcome to Mill Hill School

Dr Dominic Luckett, Headmaster

The modern world makes enormous demands of our young people. At Mill Hill, we pride ourselves on giving them the breadth of learning and the range of skills they need to take their places as the leaders of tomorrow. At the same time, we encourage in them the qualities that will enable them to exercise that leadership with wisdom, humility and compassion.

Mill Hill is an exceptional school. It aims to identify and develop the particular qualities, interests and talents of every one of its pupils. As a result, Millhillians not only benefit from an outstanding educational experience, but also grow up feeling valued as individuals, with a profound respect for themselves, their neighbours and their environment.

I am delighted that you have begun to explore the many great things on offer at Mill Hill. I would like to invite you to get to know us better by visiting us in person. We are very proud of our School. When you come to see us, I am sure you will understand why.


13+ and 14+ Entrance Exams
Mill Hill School looks forward to welcoming candidates for 13+ and 14+ entry in September 2015 on Saturday 10th January 2015. READ MORE

Goyder 90th Anniversary
Former Mill Hill pupil, Cecil Goyder, made the first two-way radio communication between Britain and New Zealand on 18th October 1924. READ MORE

Design Award Success
Congratulations go to Lower Sixth Former, Ibrahim Maniku (Murray) on his recent success at the Arkwright Awards Ceremony. READ MORE

Come and explore the world of Mill Hill School in this introductory film which will give you an insight into life here, our values and opportunities.