The purpose of the Fourth Form Biology curriculum is to introduce pupils to some of the main concepts and skills required for GCSE Biology. We select a range of topics which are both accessible and enjoyable; completing work about the basics of human biology, including Fitness and Health and respiration and circulation. The pupils will complete many practical activities, building key skills required for the GCSE.

From the start for the spring term, the pupils start studying the GCSE course, allowing plenty of time to build skills. All pupils start by following the AQA Science A specification, which has the same content as the start of the GCSE Biology course. Once they start the remove year, they will either continue with the Science A course, then completing Additional Science in the fifth form or will have elected to take the Biology GCSE. Key areas of biology are studied in all courses; these include cell structure and organ systems, adaptations and competition, genetics, and evolution.

For A level we follow the AQA Biology specification. This comprises of 6 units, two of which are practical assessments. In the L6 the pupils will complete half the course, consisting of 3 units, 2 externally examined and one practical assessment; the same is then true for the U6.

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