Business & Economics

The Business Education Department consists of four members of teaching staff and is housed in the Favell Building. There are four dedicated classrooms, along with a well-stocked departmental library area on the first floor, shared with the Geography Department. The department currently delivers 4 courses at Key Stage 5, consisting of A2 Business Studies and A2 Economics and A Level Business and A Level Economics. The latter two courses being reformed (linear) with the first examination in the summer of 2017.

The Business Education Department aims to create an atmosphere that is dynamic in terms of its delivery of subject material, stimulating and engendering an awareness of events and issues within the global business and economic environment.

Business Studies A2 Course and A Level Course (Reformed)

At A2, the Business Studies course builds firmly on the foundations of AS study looking at the internal business structures and the external business environment, exploring the rationale for business decisions and behaviour. The course then begins to develop the integral skills of analysis, application and evaluation. Here, the emphasis is placed upon building on concepts previously covered and using this theory to make decisions and recommendations within the parameters of real business scenarios.

Economics A2 Course and A Level Course (Reformed)

One question that is asked most frequently by parents and students contemplating the study of Economics for the first time is: how is it different from Business Studies? The course in Economics immediately demonstrates the difference! The course is examined purely through external examination, with no pre-issued papers or coursework elements and is highly theoretical and, at times, abstract. This is necessary to allow students to develop the necessary sound micro and macro theoretical foundations to cope with the expectation that students at A level can effectively analyse, apply and evaluate data and information to a relatively sophisticated level.

The courses at A2 and A Level are demanding and challenging, but incredibly rewarding, providing a real insight into the management of the UK economy nationally, and its role internationally within the global community.

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