Academic Overview 2015-16

Our unusually large Fifth Form did extremely well to achieve 59% A*/A grades at GCSE, second only to our 2012 record and the best pass-rate since the re-introduction of tougher linear GCSEs. A-level results were pleasing, with 41% A*/A, and the vast majority of leavers were able to meet their university offers and are heading to a variety of exciting institutions in the UK and abroad. The most popular universities for the Millhillian class of 2016 are: Nottingham (6 students); Birmingham (5); Warwick (5); Oxford Brookes (5); Imperial College, London (4); King’s College, London (4); Newcastle (4). Special congratulations are due to Alex Matraxia (2015 leaver) for gaining admission to St Edmund Hall, Oxford, to read English, and to Isabel Gilchrist who goes to study Art History at the highly specialised and prestigious Courtauld Institute. We are immensely proud of those who obtained four A* – George Beckman, Weixi Fu, Joshua Jackson, Vinay Patel – or indeed three – Kana Jin, Jason Lee.

Among the excellent performances at GCSE were those 63 pupils who attained at least six A*/A grades. William Jenkins achieved 11 A* and the following pupils achieved straight A*/A grades: Arman Boroumand-Naini, Paul Ho and Neil Lodhia (9 A*); Mikael Hameed, Robbie Klein and Ricko Lam (8 A*); Lisa Azizi (7 A*); Sophie Fresco, Coco Shen, Kush Thakrar, Inessa Veshchikova and Darragh Woods (6 A*); Reuben Brown, and Keira Waisman (5 A*); Jonathan Becker, Konstantine Chrisostomou, Olivia Emin, Sophie Lewis, Oliver Adler, Luca Cicale, Daniel Golizadeh, Elizaveta Gredasova, Angel Huang, Miko Xiang, Tyler Cohen, Ben Scott and Alexander Singh. In addition, we congratulate: Anand Parekh for 7 A* among other grades; Zany Denyer, Matthew Hopper and Jonathan Lee for 6 A*; Kimberley Balcombe, Matilda Cousins, Anthony Droungas, Isabella Reynolds and Isabella Ward for 5 A*. A member of the year-group, Alessio Grespi, is to be congratulated on successfully competing for an Arkwright Scholarship, a prestigious national award for excellence in design and engineering.

2015-16 saw the first Lower Sixth cohort taking a mixture of reformed and unreformed A-level courses. Where subjects had not reformed, AS exams were taken and the overall pass-rate was extremely pleasing, with many Upper Sixth Formers well set up to make the most of their final year. Among them are our first cohort of A-level Computer Scientists; they are very much on track and we look forward to seeing their A-level grades in 2017.

From September 2016, the majority of GCSE and A-level subjects will be taught according to reformed examination specifications, so the new Remove and Lower Sixth Form will be studying new courses in almost all subjects. Maths and English were the first GCSEs to be reformed, so the new Fifth Form will be among the first national cohort to take the exams in 2017. We are also launching A-level Psychology, with two healthy Lower Sixth Form sets.

ATW Frazer Deputy Head (Academic)

Links to curriculum guides

A Guide to the Great War Click here to find a one-stop guide to the Great War. Over the next four years we will be adding to this feature with more reviews of books, films, exhibitions and plays.

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Alessio Grespi Alessio Grespi (Lower Sixth, Weymouth) won a prestigious design award to become an Arkwright Scholar. Alessio will have an industrial sponsor who will actively support him throughout his A Level career and he will receive an annual award of £300 which he will be using to help manufacturing a prototype (scaled) airplane of his own design.