The Politics Department offers a 2 year A Level course focusing on the UK and US political systems. The first year AS Level unit covers the UK system and considers issues such as electoral behaviour, election systems, pressure group behaviour, the UK constitution, Parliament and the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The A2 unit covers the US system and mirrors the AS course in terms of structure, allowing for a comparative study of the two systems. Comparison of the Presidency and the Premiership or Congress and Parliament gives students an excellent understanding of the theoretical models and concepts upon which the two systems are based, the extent to which theory relates to practice in both countries and the ability to offer an up to date critique of both systems.

Party views and the theories behind differing perspectives are considered and used in the development of arguments. Students thus acquire analytical writing skills, the ability to argue and counter-argue a case and an in-depth knowledge of two of the most important and influential democracies in the contemporary world.

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