The Science Faculty embraces the traditional three sciences of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The establishment of a faculty ensures closer links and cooperation between the three subject areas, where the three Sciences are taught separately throughout the school.

We have excellent facilities dedicated to the individual teaching of the three subjects: five Physics labs, four Chemistry labs and five Biology labs.

In year 9, pupils begin the GCSE Science courses in all three Sciences and we smooth the transition into the GCSE by consolidating skills of graph plotting, communication and problem solving. We also enhance their experimental skills of planning, investigating, analysing and evaluating.

All three sciences are compulsory within the school, pupils will either follow the AQA Combined Science: Trilogy course which is taught as three separate subjects and leads to two separate GCSE qualifications in Science or pupils will take Separate Sciences, where they will get 3 GCSEs, one in each of the Sciences.

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Science Newsletter

The Mill Hill School Foundation Science Departments have now launched a newsletter that will be produced each half term. We hope that this newsletter will keep you up to date with scientific news from both inside and outside of the Foundation. Contributions from pupils are encouraged and should be submitted either to your Science teacher or to Mr Stubbles at Mill Hill School.