For the Academic Year 2016/17 School Fees applicable from 1 September 2016 will be as follows:

Registration Fee

The non-returnable charge for lodging a Registration Form.

(for UK applicants)


(for overseas applicants)


Acceptance Deposit

Payable on return of the completed Acceptance Form. A term’s fees (less deposit/s held) will be immediately payable by the parents if, for any reason, they cancel their acceptance of a place less than a term before entry or the pupil does not join the School after a place has been accepted. The Sixth Form Place Acceptance Deposit will be fully refunded if the pupil fails to meet the School’s entrance requirements.

a.   Places for 13+ and 14+ including Belmont, Mill Hill Preparatory School Candidates (£400 will be credited against the first term’s fees and the remainder will be repaid as a credit without interest after the final payment of fees or other sums due to the School on leaving).


b.   Places in the Sixth Form (£400 will be credited against the first term’s fees and the remainder will be repaid as a credit without interest after the final payment of fees or other sums due to the School on leaving).


c.   In addition to a. or b. above, Overseas Pupil places for 13+ and 14+ and the Sixth Form, an Overseas Deposit of one term’s Fees applicable to the Pupil (in accordance with the Fees List) is normally charged in the case of a Pupil where normal residence is outside the UK and will be payable on return of the completed Acceptance Form. The Overseas Deposit will be repaid by means of a Credit to the Fee Account for the Pupil’s final term. Until credited, the Deposit will form part of the general funding of the school.


School Fees per Term


Day including lunch


Weekly Boarding including meals


Boarding including all meals


Sixth Form surcharge for pupils entering directly into the Sixth Form



Personal Accident Insurance (compulsory) Inclusive of Dental Care


Fees Refund Scheme – Day (optional)


Fees Refund Scheme – Weekly Boarding (optional)


Fees Refund Scheme – Boarding (optional)



CCF subscription – Annual charge


Other Charges

Music Lesson

Individual music lesson fees, per term – 10 half-hour lessons (lessons are invoiced direct by the music teacher concerned)


Musical Instrument

Hire charge per instrument (where available)


Private Tuition

Arranged in exceptional circumstances, by consultation with the pupil’s Housemaster/ Housemistress/Tutor, for extra tuition per hour


Bed Linen

Charged to Boarders - first term only


Old Millhillians Club
(Life membership)

Payable in six termly instalments of £50 each on entrance to the School (subject to opt out). First six terms at the School.


Payment of Fees and Extras

  1. Due Date: Each term’s invoice for fees and extras is due for payment by the first day of term.
  2. Payment Arrangements: The Foundation prefers that termly invoices be paid by Direct Debit. Other payment options are available from the Fees Manager, Mill Hill School Foundation, Walker House, Millers Close, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1AQ (Tel: 020 8959 8131).
  3. Late Payment Charge on Overdue Accounts: The Foundation will charge up to 1.5% per calendar month on any outstanding account balances which are past due (due date is the first day of term).
  4. Extras: Parents should note that half a term’s written notice is required to discontinue an extra, or half a term’s fees for the extra will be immediately payable in lieu as a debt.

Mill Hill School Bank Details

Payments may be made by direct bank transfer to the school bank (details below), clearly stating the pupil’s full name, school number (if known) and reason for payment. Please inform us when making payment by this method.

Full Name and Address National Westminster Bank plc
55 The Broadway
Mill Hill
London NW7 3WF
Account Name Mill Hill School
Account No 05105625
Sort Code 60-14-27
IBAN GB10NWBK60142705105625
Your monthly payment option brought to you by SFP.
Spread the cost and pay your termly school fees by Direct Debit.
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